EntreSprint Outline

Designed for Student Entrepreneurs & First-Time Founders Under-30

    1. Welcome to EntreSprint

    2. The Role of the EntreSprint Scrum Master

    3. Book Start Sprint Session on Monday Night

    4. Book End Sprint Session on Friday Afternoon

    1. Week 1 Instructions

    1. Day 2 Instructions

    1. Week 3 Instructions

    1. Week 4 Instructions

    1. Week 5 Instructions

EntreSprint Overview

  • $50.00
  • Any 5 Day Period; Mon-Fri
  • Available for All Cities/Countries
  • Suitable for Students

Course Fees

One-off, affordable pricing for student founders. All prices in USD.

  • $50.00

    One-Off Payment per Founder. Choose Any Mon-Fri.

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How an EntreSprint Works

Each EntreSprint starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday. Join any week when you're available.

  • Flexible timings. Designed for students.

    Each EntreSprint has 2 online sessions; one on Monday night, and another on Friday late afternoon. This makes it convenient for student founders to join in without having to skip classes.

  • Can't make it this week? Join next week instead.

    EntreSprints happen Mon-Fri, every week, 52 weeks a year. If you're unable to commit to Mon-Fri this week, join in the EntreSprint that happens next week instead. Or the next one. Or the next.

  • Join top student founders across the planet.

    After EntreSprint, you'll be invited to apply for membership with the Reactor Alumni Network. Join our student founders who have raised from VCs and made it to the 30-Under-30 lists.