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What you'll learn in 3 days

    1. 1.1. Kick-off

    2. 1.2. What is a Startup

    3. 2.1. Meet your Team

    4. 2.2. Team Agreement

    5. 3.1. What are User Problems

    6. 3.2. Research User Problem

    7. 4.1. How to design a good Solution

    8. 4.2. Ideate Solutions

    9. Day 1 Mentor Mock Pitch

    10. Day 1. What's Next

    1. Kick-off

    2. 5.1. What is a Prototype

    3. 5.2. Design Mockup

    4. 6.1. What is Customer Validation

    5. 6.2. Validate with Users

    6. Day 2 Mentor Mock Pitch

    7. Day 2. Reflect What's Next

    1. Kick-off

    2. 7.1. What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

    3. 7.2. Define UVP

    4. 8.1. Why Pitch

    5. 8.2. Submit 5-min mini Demo Day Pitch

    6. mini Demo Day Pitch

    7. Post-Programme Feedback

    8. Get Startup Internships with EntrePlanner

    9. Global Demo Day 2022

About this course

  • $299.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


  • Who can participate?

    This programme is open to any student aged 15-24, from any school in Southeast Asia.

  • I am under age 15. Can I still sign-up for EntreCamp?

    Based on our experience, we would not recommend your child to sign-up at this point in time, as EntreCamp covers relatively more complex concepts. However, we are open to taking in younger students if they are able to meet baseline requirements in terms of a maturity. Students who would like to appeal into the programme would have to complete an online assessment. Please email to complete an appeal.

  • What if I don’t know anybody there?

    Don't worry, you'll definitely make new friends as you'll be matched to a team during the programme based on your interests and strengths. Students in the junior category will only form a team with other students in the junior category i.e. ages 15 to 18. Students in the senior cateogory will only form a team with other students in the senior category i.e. ages 19 to 24.

  • Do I need prior entrepreneurship experience or coding skills?

    You don't need any prior entrepreneurship knowledge or experience! Coding skills is a bonus, but it's not required! However, you should be comfortable with using computers and apps as you'll be introduced to new tools. Our programme will teach you the essentials of entrepreneurship – while guiding you to develop a business idea.

  • I've paid to join a programme. What if the programme gets cancelled at the last minute?

    Sometimes, a programme may be cancelled at the last minute due to insufficient sign-ups, or an unforeseen circumstances where students have to travel home due to the pandemic situation etc. If a programme gets cancelled at the last-minute, students will get a choice to enrol in any of the future EntreCamps.

  • I've signed up for the course. What do I need to prepare?

    Make sure you have Stable Internet Connection, a Laptop & Laptop Charger. You can also find the Schedule, and Course materials in this Thinkific Course page. But don't worry, our team will remind you on reporting details, at least 3 days before the start date. Do keep a lookout for the email!

  • I'd love to join, but I can't afford the fees.

    We're dedicated to cultivate the galaxy's best young founders, that's why we work with the best mentors, software, tools and resources. Do reach out to us via email, and we'll find a way to help you!

  • What is Global Demo Day?

    Reactor Global Demo Day is a virtual event in June and December each year, where graduated students will showcase and meet fellow student entrepreneurs across APAC. They will also get to pitch to early-stage investors and have chats with industry experts and senior founders.

Any Questions?

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