Quality Curriculum

Aligned to the academic standards of IGCSE & IB Syllabus, our curriculum is designed with differentiated depth for learners in varying stages of entrepreneurial readiness.

Stage 1: Awareness

"I want to understand what entrepreneurship is really about."

Want to learn the essentials of entrepreneurship through hands-on, guided projects and meet other like-minded youths across Southeast Asia?

Stage 2: Discovery

"I want to explore entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours."

Want to explore your interests and prepare your college portfolio by building your own side hustle?

Stage 3: Immersion

"I want to immerse myself in tech & startups."

Need mentors who can help you to advance your Mockup/Prototype to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and guide you to make your 1st $$$ of revenue?

Expert Content

Our content is distilled from ideas by leading entrepreneurs and organisations. More importantly, we make sure these concepts are simple, interesting, and relevant for youths to learn and apply.


...with an Asian Focus

Asia is a unique 'continent of contrasts' with many diverse cultures, religions, languages and traditions. What works well in another part of the world, may not work well in Asia.

That's why we've partnered with TechInAsia to design an entre-ed content focused on Asia.

Using best-in-class software

We believe that youths must gain digital working skills to thrive in the Future of Work. 

We're committed to help them become future-ready; which is why we invest in and teach using the best-in-class software so that our students learn and build their startup using software employed by startups and tech companies worldwide.

"Never thought that entrepreneurship could be guided well in just 3 days. Certainly amazing. I also love how Reactor gave us a chance to explore and not just spoon-fed us. We had the chance to use all the abilities that we have. Thank you Reactor!"

– Reshyini Nisha, Malaysia.

"The Reactor Team has been very helping in helping me with Augmentus in our early days. I'm very appreciative of their support."

– Daryl Lim, Reactor Alumni & Co-Founder of Augmentus Tech.

You're in good hands.

We've worked with 150+ high schools, universities & institutional partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

And we're proud to have nurtured alumni who have won competitions locally and worldwide.

Interested? Got Questions?

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